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From milkman to millionaire, Anil gets right on tangent

When a young Anil Jindal used to go door-to-door distributing milk, no one could imagine that this energetic young man would become a millionaire businessman and employ more than 4,000 men under his entrepreneurial venture.   It seems amazing how a simple village boy could rise to become an excellent industrialist.
Chairman and managing director of SRS Group, Anil Jindal is a simple and down-to-earth personality. Born in village of Firozpur Kalan, Faridabad in a milkman's family, his story is a tale of determination, dynamism and vision.  Young Anil was brought up in a middle class atmosphere. Life was far from comfortable and full of tremendous challenge. But however tough the circumstances, they were hardly a match for Anil's determination. As a young man he fulfilled his duty of delivering milk door to door and simultaneously he completed his post graduation degree.  "My father runs a dairy and being the eldest son, I used to help him out.  Those days were full of challenges. On the one hand, I had my responsibilities and on the other there was my obligation to the family.  Being eldest of three brothers and three sisters I had to take lots of responsibilities on my shoulders. But it was determination, dedication and honesty to oneself and patience and perseverance that ultimately paid off".
  It was in 1985 that his vision took shape. He founded a financial service business. This soon led to the creation of a limited company called BTL Investment Ltd. As his entrepreneurial skill and drive went into full throttle, BTL Group grew to become a renewed name across fields spanning finance, rubber products, refined oil and more. As the business grew, he created vertical specific companies to bring in sharper focus. Dr Anil Jindal blends his modern thinking with the teachings of Shreemad Bhagwad Gita and Chanakya Neeti to bring about positive changes. A perfectionist who is humble to the core, Dr Anil Jindal is a source of motivation for many. "Koshish karne walon ki haar nahin hoti," he quips when asked about the secret of his success.
Fifteen years of multi-domain experience honed his business skills and made him a maverick in identifying and leveraging new opportunities. He diversified the group's operations in entertainment and retail sectors. He also founded SRS Entertainment Ltd in the year 2000, a company which came up with its flagship project, SRS Multiplex with world class facilities way back in 2004.
He also engineered the group's foray into cinemas, retail and food court businesses.  Apart from this Anil promoted a new venture like wholesale and retail of complete building solution etc. Further, he was also the one to address the needs of the farmers by creating special retail brands targeted at this community.
"Right now our operations are going on in several cities of north India like Faridabad, Gurgaon, Ahmedabad, Pune,  Nasik, Indore, Panipat, Ambala, Jalandhar,  Ludhiana, Greater Noida, Ghaziabad and Vaishali etc," he informs.
Dr Anil Jindal has promoted SRS Real Estate Ltd. that has launched projects named SRS Residency in Sectors 87 and 88 in Faridabad and other projects in Palwal and Rewari. The company has also launched SRS Tower a commercial project on NH-2 right next to Delhi- Faridabad border. In addition to this the group is in the process of developing five-star hotel in Faridabad which has a unique distinction of having a helipad.
Despite his busy schedules, his zeal to learn has not ended. In 2009, he received the highest degree in academics--D.Lit in international Human resource management (IHRM). Earlier in 20005 he was awarded a doctorate degree in commerce in service marketing, with special reference to bank marketing. This is in addition to the MBA and CCA degrees he holds already.
Above all, he is a complete family man. "When I am with family I don't like to discuss business and when I am in doing business I don't like to engage in family work. I like to travel through different places of world with my family," he shares.

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